Cal-Hi Sports: Goalie Julian overcomes carousel of injury

Cal-Hi Sports: Goalie Julian overcomes carousel of injury
February 18, 2013, 7:30 pm
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Archbishop Mitty goaltender Maddie Julian was courted by many colleges eventually signing with Cal despite a twice-broken arm.

This week I did a story on one of the top goal keepers in the Bay Area, Maddie Julian. The senior at Archbishop Mitty is one of the big reasons why the Monarchs claimed the WCAL league title and one of the best teams not only in the state, but in the country. In the Monarch's 22 games this season she has been lights out in goal. She has recorded 72 saves compared to just seven goals against. Her talent has caught the attention of many Division I recruits and on February 6, National Signing Day,  she signed with Cal. Maddie is at the top of her career, but to get to this point she had to overcome several setbacks.
In 2007 Maddie was playing for her travel team. She was in goal and went up for a save and when she came down she felt a sharp pain in her arm. Maddie had a dual fracture in her ulna and radius. She needed twelve screws and two plates to help repair the breaks. When Maddie was finally cleared to play again she had to wear a bulky plastic brace to protect her arm. Although it was uncomfortable she wore it every game. It was almost a year to the day of her initial break and Maddie was preparing for a game and decided not to wear the brace. She was in box and a player from the opposing team team ran into Maddie and T-boned her arm. Her arm was broken again, this time in three places on either side of the plates, requiring another surgery and another eight months of rehab.
The struggles continued into her sophomore year when she needed to have the plates and screws removed because of the severe discomfort they were causing, meaning she would have to miss yet another season. After all the hardware removed It finally appeared she could move on and focus on soccer, but the setbacks continued into her junior year. Maddie had a misaligned jaw and she was told the only way to fix it was to have her jaw broken. For seven months Maddie's jaw was wired shut. Although Maddie was unable to play, she still had a very big impact on her team. She had such a big impact that by the end of the season her coach knew he was going to name her captain in her senior year.
Now in her senior year, she has finally made her return to the field and getting the chance to put her talents on display. The resiliency Maddie has shown to continue to battle back from all of her injuries is truly incredible and shows that her future not only looks bright in soccer, but in all of her endeavors.

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