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December 18, 2012, 10:15 am
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Comcast SportsNet TV Listings
Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012

CSN Bay Area

Time Program

6:00 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

6:30 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

7:00 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

7:30 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

8:00 AM (NFL) 49ers Total Access for Kids

8:30 AM (CFB) Inside Notre Dame Basketball #3

9:00 AM (INF) Paid Programming (1 hr)

10:00 AM (CBK) SEC Basketball Presbyterian at South Carolina (LIVE) HDTV

12:00 PM (INF) Paid Programming (1 hr)

1:00 PM (CBK) SEC Basketball Florida A&M at Georgia (LIVE) HDTV

3:00 PM (INF) Paid Programming (1 hr)

4:00 PM (GLF) 2012 Silicon Valley ServiceSource Golf Challenge

5:00 PM (NWS) 2012: A Year to Remember

5:30 PM (NFL) 49ers Central

6:00 PM (NWS) SportsNet Central (LIVE)

6:30 PM (NBA) Warriors Central

7:00 PM (NBA) Warriors Pregame Live (LIVE)

7:30 PM (NBA) Boston vs. Golden State Warriors (LIVE) HDTV

10:00 PM (NBA) Warriors Postgame Live (LIVE)

10:30 PM (NWS) SportsNet Central (LIVE)

11:00 PM (NFL) 49ers Total Access (D)

11:30 PM (NFL) 49ers Central

12:00 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central (LIVE)

12:30 AM (NBA) Boston vs. GoldenState Warriors (12/29/12)

2:30 AM (INF) Paid Programming (3.5 hrs)

7:00 PM NON WARRIORS 7:00pm - 10:30pm

7:00 PM (MAG) SportsNet Reports

7:30 PM (NFL) 49ers Central

8:00 PM (MMA) GFL Presents: GFL9 from Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

10:00 PM (MAG) In Depth w/ Graham Bensinger: LaDainian Tomlinson

12:30 AM NON WARRIORS 12:30am - 2:30am

12:30 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

1:00 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

1:30 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central

2:00 AM (NWS) SportsNet Central


CSN California

Time Program

6:00 AM (INF) Paid Programming (2 hrs)

8:00 AM (OUT) Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez (D)

8:30 AM (OUT) Angler West (D)

9:00 AM (OUT) Fish Whispering: UpperPriestRiver

9:30 AM (OUT) Adrenaline Hunter: Season 2 Episode 10

10:00 AM (INF) Paid Programming (3 hrs)

1:00 PM (OUT) Stompin' Ground

2:00 PM (CYC) 2012 International Cycling Classic

3:00 PM (NFL) Raiders Report

3:30 PM (MAG) Pro Football Weekly

4:00 PM (NHL) Sharks Classic Game - San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings (4-5-94) (D)

6:30 PM (HFB) High School Football: DivisionOpenState Championship (12-15-12) HDTV

9:00 PM (MAG) Future Phenoms

9:30 PM (INT) In Depth w/ Graham Bensinger: Dana White

10:00 PM (MMA) Fight Sports: MMA, Jaques Joubert vs. Tyron Rightford

11:00 PM (POK) Heartland Poker Tour

12:00 AM (OUT) Stompin' Ground

1:00 AM (INF) Paid Programming (5 hrs)