Verlander vs Giants, Part II?

January 17, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Justin Verlander against the Giants…again?

No, the Tigers aren’t coming to Arizona for spring training and the 2013 Giants schedule hasn’t been adjusted to include Detroit. This match up could actually happen at…Pebble Beach. 

Here’s the scenario.

In the last few years, Tuesday at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am has been the very popular Five Hole 49ers-Giants Charity shootout.  This year the Giants will bring an excellent team including a new participant, Bruce Bochy.  Also scheduled to make their debuts are Dave Righetti and Ryan Vogelsong.  Holdovers include Matt Cain (who also will play in the actual tournament as an amateur again), Mike Krukow, Will Clark and Dave Flemming.  The 49ers have a pretty good team as well, including newcomer Steve Young, along with holdovers like Harris Barton, Dwight Clark and Brent Jones.  Coach Harbaugh played last year and could certainly be back, though he has been a little busy lately and hasn’t committed.

Here’s the problem for the AT&T organizers, which is not a problem for anyone else in the Bay Area: If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, they have been told the parade will most likely be on Tuesday, the same day as the scheduled 49ers-Giants shootout.

So…if the 49ers have a parade, you would assume past 49er greats would join the current 49ers players in SF. If the Giants don’t go to the parade (and you assume some would), who will be the Giants opponent?  Organizers are looking to cobble together an opponent team and one of their main targets would be Tigers ace Justin Verlander, who is playing as an amateur in the tournament this year. Other options include any of the other great celebrities and athletes in the field including Tony Romo, Andy Roddick, Kelly Slater, ND Coach Brian Kelly and Bill Murray among others.

I think Giants stars going another round with Verlander would be something we’d all like to see.  Not only would it bring back some “wow” moments but it would also most likely mean the 49ers Quest for Six was successful.

Speaking of “Tigers,” one other note from Pebble: no word yet on whether Tiger Woods will come back after his failed run at the title last year when Phil Mickelson beat him down the stretch.  We may not know until the Friday before the event.