What are Stephen Curry and David Lee doing?

What are Stephen Curry and David Lee doing?
December 19, 2012, 3:45 pm

What are Stephen Curry and David Lee doing?

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Maybe you are like me and have been watching the Warriors games and wondering what David Lee and Steph Curry are doing before the start of games lately, when they sprint to the baseline.

I asked Warriors reporter John Henry Smith to investigate. In talking to Lee, he said it’s a race that he and Steph started on the last road trip. Apparently unlike everything else lately for Lee, the race hasn’t gone that well. He told John Henry before Tuesday night’s game that Steph had won every race. Hopefully for Lee’s sake, he doesn’t end up like Teddy in the Washington Nationals' presidents race and go for a long time without a win.  

John Henry asked head coach Mark Jackson about it and he said “he didn’t know much about it." "But whatever they are doing," Jackson continued, "keep on doing it." He also said the main ritual he’s concerned with is the ritual of them sprinting and hustling once the game starts.

So there’s the info on the latest Warriors ritual, just one small part of what has been a fun ride for Warriors fans this season.

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