Biz Ball

There were two blockbuster NFL stories in the past few days and both will have a significant impact for years to come.
MLS has far surpassed surviving. The league is on the rise, a clear indication that soccer is gaining popularity in America.
What if there was no 3-point shot in the NBA? Former Warriors owner Eddie Gottlieb did his best to see it was never introduced to the league.

Who's hungry? There are nine bowl games designed to fill your gut. And does that new UC logo look like a worm in a bottle of tequila?


What does an underfunded baseball team in a gritty city with a unique East Bay vibe have to do with the political future of the United States? Its all about the donkey and the elephant.


Andy Dolich is's Sports Business contributor. Dolich has had executive positions in the NBA, MLB, NHL and is a guest columnist for Sports Business Journal.