Biz Ball

What's going on outside the lines in the wide world of sports business? Biz Ball analyst Rick Horrow details his "15 to watch" for the week of July 26.
The NBA this season will allow you to pay $6.99 to purchase and watch any game, setting a high new bar for on-the-go live sports access.
Is time running out on NHL in Arizona? Will the NBA relocate or expand in Seattle or Las Vegas? Sports business analyst Rick Horrow weighs in on the biggest topics outside the lines...
Pac-12 schools could see an increase of over 20 percent in revenue due to a new plan that boasts a centralized conference sales and marketing division.
The click-clack cleats. The aerodynamic helmets. The hand signals. The Tour de France is here. Get ready to look silly...


Andy Dolich and Rick Horrow are's Sports Business contributors. Dolich has held executive positions in the NBA, MLB, NHL and is a guest columnist for Sports Business Journal. Horrow is the CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures and is nicknamed the Sports Professor for his time as a visiting expert on sport law at Harvard Law School.