Biz Ball

The click-clack cleats. The aerodynamic helmets. The hand signals. The Tour de France is here. Get ready to look silly...
The Warriors have set a standard which is going to cash out at a level that even the most optimistic financial analysts couldn’t have predicted at the start of the season.
The Chargers' attempt to get a new stadium in San Diego took a hit last week; what does that mean for the Raiders? And what do the boffo ratings numbers for these Warriors-Cavs Finals mean to the business of basketball?
Who has the ultimate control over Warriors secondary market tickets? That's the battle brewing as the NBA Finals come to Oracle.
NBA players' salaries are pretty impressive. But the playoff shares at stake in the upcoming Cavaliers-Warriors series are not insignificant.


Andy Dolich is's Sports Business contributor. Dolich has had executive positions in the NBA, MLB, NHL and is a guest columnist for Sports Business Journal.