Sharks fans remain faithful during lockout

Sharks fans remain faithful during lockout
January 6, 2013, 2:30 pm
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HP Pavilion can hold over 17,000 fans and the Sharks expect large crowds when hockey returns to San Jose. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

SAN JOSE – It appears the San Jose Sharks organization won’t suffer a whole lot of fiscal damage from the nearly four-month NHL lockout.

According to executive vice president Malcolm Bordelon, the Sharks had fewer than 100 season ticket holders cancel or refund their tickets. The base remains at around 14,000, leaving about 2,700 tickets available for individual purchase or group sales in the bowl.

In other words, the thunderous HP Pavilion will continue to be one of the toughest places to play for opposing NHL clubs. The building has a 17,496 capacity for hockey, including suite holders.

Bordelon was the only representative made available by the club on Sunday to discuss the end of the lockout, which began at midnight on Sep. 15 and was resolved in the early morning hours on Sunday in New York.

“It means a lot to us, not just from a standpoint of getting back to play hockey, but getting back to business in general,” Bordelon said. “This has impacted a lot of the community in terms of businesses downtown, people who work at the arena, sponsors who want to market their products, and fans who simply want the opportunity to come to the building and enjoy the game.”

Bordelon expects to hear from the league shortly in regards to a shortened schedule, likely 48 or 50 games, and a date for the opening of training camp. He’s looking forward to seeing a bustling downtown San Jose once again, as businesses have undoubtedly suffered with no hockey.

“While we’ve been very mindful of the impact that his has had not only on our community and our fellow employees and downtown San Jose and the like, we’re just relieved to have it over with and are focusing on moving forward,” he said.