Cundiff isn't keeping tabs on his competition

Cundiff details kicking conditions at Candlestick

Cundiff isn't keeping tabs on his competition
January 8, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Billy Cundiff is 12-for-14 on field goal attempts in his postseason career. (AP)

SANTA CLARA -- Billy Cundiff is the wrong person to ask for an update on the 49ers' kicker competition. After all, he is aware of only half the story.

Cundiff made his first appearance at Candlestick Park on Monday, as he traveled to the 49ers' home stadium with holder Andy Lee, long-snapper Brian Jennings and four staff members.

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David Akers did not attend the workout. And even if Akers had been in attendance, Cundiff would not have been watching the incumbent kicker. He has not watched Akers attempt a kick in their two practices together.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday that there is a "leader in the clubhouse" in the competition to kick for the 49ers on Saturday in an NFC divisional-round playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. All Cundiff knows is that he is pleased with the way things are going.

"I don't really know how Dave is kicking, to be perfectly honest with you," Cundiff said on Tuesday. "I know how I'm kicking. I feel like I'm continuing to get better. I feel like the film shows I'm progressing and doing the things I need to do. But similar to golf, if you look the way golfers attack it, they want to play the best they can and kind of let the scores speak for themselves."

Cundiff said he is remaining focused on himself. He believes it does him no good to compare his kicks with those of his competitor.

"For me, when I'm not kicking, I'm focused on what the next distance is and what I need to do," Cundiff said. "I don't need to watch him because I'm already mentally preparing for the next rep. Maybe Dave watches, I don't know. Every workout or tryout I went to, I had the same mentality.

"That's the consistent theme. Control what I can control. And don't really worry about the rest."

Cundiff, in his ninth NFL season, had never before kicked at Candlestick Park. He said he thought the footing at the stadium was just fine.

"It's not bad. It's actually pretty firm," Cundiff said. "From what I'm told, it's not as nice as it's been in the past. But still it's a little better than the practice fields. The practice fields out here are pretty slick."

Next to the 49ers' practice field, the new stadium is going up. And after entering Candlestick Park, Cundiff had another observation.

"California has some pretty old football stadiums," Cundiff said. "That's one thing I'm finding."

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