Both deserving, but it could be only one

January 24, 2013, 4:00 pm
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If you, the semi-hysterical Warrior fan who wants constant validation of your team’s advancement into genuine relevance, want to look at David Lee’s All-Star inclusion and Stephen Curry’s exclusion from the NBA Western Conference All-Star team as an outrage, fine. Curry is slightly more important than Lee to the Warriors’ success, so your feeling is understandable.

If you think it is the correct outcome, Lee in and Curry out, fine too. It’s a slightly less defensible position, but you’re entitled.

And if you’re torqued off that they both didn’t get in, then you’re just being greedy. And impatient.

In honesty, an All-Star Game place isn’t all that, anyway – not even in the NBA. Christian Laettner was an All-Star, and his career as a pro was pretty meh. Jack Molinas was an All-Star once, he was eventually banned for throwing games.

But when your team hasn’t had one in 16 years, well, it matters to the person chosen as well as a the franchise. It’s like what Bill Veeck used to say about puppy love – it may not mean much to you necessarily, but it means a lot to the puppies.

Lee got his place in part because there was a place for him, while Curry was crowded out by worthy and superior competition. When there are only 12 spots, sometimes guys get squeezed because they get squeezed.

But there is a good to excellent chance that one or more All-Stars will opt to take the weekend off to rest injuries, hurt feelings or just get the time off. It’s called Pro Bowl Flu, and every all-star game has it. You can’t get shots for it, you just have to let it run its course.

And when one of those absences rears its fascinating head, Curry’s name is likely to be at the top of the list of replacements.

Now it isn’t exactly being selected an All-Star, not in that elite way. But frankly, does that matter, to you or to Curry? We suspect it does not.

Sixteen years is a long time to get nobody, and the Warriors deserved every barren season of it. But now that they have one, there is an excellent chance that they will get the second one almost immediately.

Then you can bitch about them not getting enough minutes, or Harrison Barnes not being in the rookie/sophomore game (even though they haven’t announced that yet), or Andris Biedrins not being in the skills competition.

I mean, a completely happy Warrior fan is sort of like having vertigo; you never really trust your sense of balance. Never lose your edge, kids.