Mayweather calls Bay Area ‘hyphy,’ talks Guerrero matchup

Mayweather: 'There's still not a blueprint on how to beat Floyd Mayweather'

Mayweather calls Bay Area ‘hyphy,’ talks Guerrero matchup
April 18, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Tune in May 4th. May Day. Mayweather versus Guerrero. And a week later, he gotta go away and do time.
—Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s cutman Rafael Garcia hasn’t tallied the results on his famous punch counter, but it’s safe to say that the prevailing words of choice chanted at the boxing superstar’s namesake gym are hard work and dedication.

But as the media mobbed him at his Las Vegas workout on Wednesday, the reigning WBC welterweight champion uttered a term more closely associated with upcoming May 4 foe Robert Guerrero’s Northern California home turf.

“I have an auntie from the Bay Area. She’s been there since the 80’s,” Mayweather told “I had a chance to go to the Bay Area. They get hyphy.”

Mayweather made a point to single out the Bay Area fight fans, especially with regard to his success at the box office.

“When you look at the pay-per-view numbers, I get a lot of love from the Bay Area,” he said. “I know that Robert is from the Bay Area, and I know he’s going to have a heavy fanbase where he’s from out supporting him, but the only thing we should be worried about is giving the fans excitement, and giving the people what they want to see.”

Outside the ring, Mayweather (43-0, 26 KOs) is hardly undefeated, having served a stint in jail last summer for a domestic violence conviction. But the area between the ropes has always been a safe haven, and Wednesday was yet another showcase of the impeccable work ethic that has distinguished him from his peers for the better part of two decades.

“It’s been a long year for Floyd Mayweather since the [Miguel] Cotto fight,” Mayweather said. ”I was incarcerated for a little while, but I’m back. I’m in shape. I’ve been dedicating myself to my craft.”

Whether twirling on his toes with the grace of Fred Astaire as he jumped rope, or maniacally pounding away at the heavy bag with neither pause nor remorse for its well-being, “Money” (Mayweather’s nom de guerre) had all the look of a man who hasn’t lost a step, even at age 36 with a year’s worth of inactivity.

“It takes weeks. It don’t take a bunch of rounds,” Mayweather said. “It probably took about four, five weeks. We’re right where we need to be. The fight is not far away. But like I said before, I always approach it like I’ve approached every fight…There’s still not a blueprint on how to beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Another hot topic surrounding Mayweather was the decision to bring back his father Floyd Sr. to run the corner for the first time in 13 years. The friction between the two men has been well-documented, with a televised profanity-laced spat two years ago at the top of the list.

However, Mayweather insisted that this camp was distraction-free, as his uncle Roger has benignly stepped aside as head trainer due to an exacerbated battle with diabetes.

“My dad can’t do nothing but help me,” Mayweather said. “It don’t hurt to put another great trainer who started me off back in your corner. The only thing you can get from that is good results.”

On Tuesday, Guerrero’s father Ruben openly ridiculed Mayweather’s renowned routine on the mitts with Roger, likening it to a harmless game of “patty cake.” When asked about the incendiary remarks, Floyd Sr. fired back in kind.

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“I’m going to beat [Ruben Guerrero] up with one hand,” Floyd Sr. told “I already told him I’ll fight him on the moon. I’ll fight him on Venus, and any other planet.”

As for the May 4 matchup on planet Earth with Gilroy’s Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KOs), Mayweather Jr. acknowledged his opponent’s strengths, but remained supremely confident that he would emerge from the Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena with his hand raised in triumph.

“I’ve actually seen him one time. I’ve seen him fight Andre Berto,” Mayweather said. “He was a little rugged. Nothing I never seen before. Nothing I don’t feel I can’t handle.

“I feel like I can get in the ring with a guy instantly and know what he can do good, and know what he can’t do good. When I get in that squared circle, what I do is…whatever your best attribute is, I take that away from you.”

Though known for his opinionated bombast, Mayweather has displayed relative restraint throughout camp, especially impressive considering the members of Team Guerrero questioning his lifestyle and their open declarations to “humble” him.

However, in light of his challenger’s recent arrest and possible jail sentence for an illegal gun possession charge, Mayweather couldn’t help but launch at least one verbal jab for the record.

“Tune in May 4th. May Day. Mayweather versus Guerrero,” Mayweather said. “And a week later, he gotta go away and do time.”

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