Posey adds SuperDrink to list of endorsements

Posey adds SuperDrink to list of endorsements
May 17, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Keep an eye out for the Buster Posey mobile, a unique aspect of his new endorsement deal. (BODYARMOR)

Reigning world champion, National League MVP, batting champion, Comeback Player of the Year and Hank Aaron Award winner Buster Posey has a new endeavor. The San Francisco Giants catcher recently signed an endorsement deal with BODYARMOR SuperDrink.

"I like it better than Gatorade," Posey said in a phone interview Friday, sounding as calm as ever.

What is the soft-spoken veteran of four full seasons doing taking on new endorsements in the midst of the Giants' title defense? The lead-by-example backstop has no further endorsement obligations on the calendar, and he's pleased with how his body has performed since he began drinking BODYARMOR this spring training.

Posey, 26, has recently appeared in ads for Toyota and MLB 13: The Show, but his alignment with the sports drink company is his first endorsement of a product he'll actually use in his day-to-day preparations. For baseball players who typically begin pregame workouts around 2 p.m. and often finish games after 10 p.m., "superior hydration" is paramount.

The Giants looked plenty hydrated on Thursday, when they completed the biggest of their 12 comeback wins this season.

"We've got a good group of guys," Posey said. "With the comeback wins, we feel like if we keep grinding out at-bats, we've got a chance to stay in any ballgame."

It would help quite a bit if the starting rotation could regain past form. This year, Giants starters have a collective 4.52 ERA and Ryan Vogelsong's 37 earned runs allowed lead the league.

"Pitching is a little bit like hitting in the sense that it's contagious," said Posey. "If we get a few good starts out there, it'll start piling up. These guys have proven they have great stuff and had success in the past. It's just a matter of finding that groove for 'em.

"We could all use some BODYARMOR," Posey joked.

He hasn't seen it yet, but there's one other unique aspect of the deal: The Buster Posey mobile. No word on whether or not it comes with complementary rides to and from AT&T Park, but it wouldn't be the most unique method of transportation for a Giant.

"It'll be a little better than Hunter (Pence's) scooter," said Posey. "That's for sure."


Posey and the Giants are preparing for Game 2 in Colorado, and Posey is still in awe of the bare-handed play shortstop Brandon Crawford pulled off in Game 1.

"On a scale of 1-10 in difficulty, that's a 10," Posey said before analyzing it. "It's a full swing, the ball's got a ton of side-spin on it. For him just to snatch it on one hop like that is extremely difficult. We see him do stuff like that when he's goofing around, but to see him do it in a game is pretty special."


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