Chiefs fans attempt world roar record vs. Raiders

Chiefs fans attempt world roar record vs. Raiders
October 11, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Seahawks fans reached 133.6 decibels against the 49ers earlier this year. (AP)

ALAMEDA -- The Raiders have pumped in crowd noise during practices leading up to Sunday’s game at Kansas City. They always do, home or away, so that they’re used to loud crowds.

No amount of white noise or heavy metal can prepare them for what’s expected to happen Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs fans are trying to set the world record for loudest sports venue against the Raiders.

The latest mark was set Sept. 16 when the Seattle Seahawks hosted the 49ers at CenturyLink Field, widely regarded as the loudest stadium in the country.

[REWIND: Seahawks fans to attempt stadium roar record]

A Guinness Book of World Records rep is flying in for the event. An entry fee has been paid to make it official. That means, especially early on, it’s going to get loud.

“The key is to get off to that fast start and try to take that 12th man out of it,” running back Darren McFadden said. “Once you quiet the crowd down, you can communicate a lot easier out there.”

If the Chiefs do well, this crowd will keep trying for the record. Seahawks fans reached 136.6 decibels against the 49ers, nearly as loud as standing near a jet engine.

By contrast, the Oakland Coliseum crowd -- granted, the capacity is smaller and the stadium is an open bowl -- tops out around 98.

The offense will work without much communication when it gets loud, often with a silent snap count. The Raiders have to be ready for that, as much as possible, in what could be the loudest environment in sports.

“We work that every week,” Allen said. “We work that when we’re on the road. We work that when we’re at home because the defense has to deal with crowd noise too. Crowd noise can be beneficial at times, but it can be a factor for their defense too.”

Have the Raiders turned up the volume this week?

"It's loud enough," Allen said. 

While it’ll be tough to beat Seattle’s 12th man and a stadium built to trap sound, Kansas City stands a screamer's chance. Recently-renovated Arrowhead Stadium has high stands on both sides that keep sound in.

“It’s such a special place here. It’s so unique,” Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said. “I’ve played just about everywhere in the NFL now and truly I think it’s one of the biggest home-field advantages, if not the biggest in the NFL.”


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