Pryor: 'We'll be back; we'll get the playoffs'

Pryor: We'll be back; we're 2-4; we'll get to the playoffs

Pryor: 'We'll be back; we'll get the playoffs'
October 13, 2013, 6:00 pm
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We have to come together and start creating. We‘ll be back; 2-4; we'll get to the playoffs.
Terrelle Pryor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Raiders fell further behind in the AFC West following Sunday’s 24-7 loss to the Kansas City. The Chiefs and Denver Broncos are 6-0. The Raiders have dropped to 2-4.

The Raiders are four games back in the division and one wild card spot – the division runner-up would be a wild-card favorite – with 10 games left to play.

Terrelle Pryor still believes the Raiders can make a run at the postseason.

“We have to come together and start creating,” Pryor said after a difficult loss. “We‘ll be back; 2-4; we'll get to the playoffs.”

Interpret those words through the exuberance of youth. Pryor is trying to be a team leader, one who inspires a unit to play better and never give up. It’s far too early to do so anyway. The Raiders could start an extended winning streak and fulfill Pryor’s prophecy.

It was just one line in a series of comments meant more for his teammates than the media. Pryor took responsibility for an unfortunate outcome, where three interceptions directly/indirectly led to 17 points.

He ignored the fact that his offensive line was beset by injury or that he was under pressure all day long. He took 100-percent of the blame despite his teammates’ insistence otherwise.

“This loss is on me. I’ll take it,” Pryor said. “I’ll make sure we get better. As the leader of the offense, I have to make sure it happens. It will.”

The Raiders believe in Pryor. He believes in them.

That’s the real takeaway from his postseason comment. Whether a miracle run is possible depends largely on Pryor, a quarterback who gives his team a chance to beat almost anyone. He can’t lose or win a game all alone.

“This is not a one-man thing. Everybody played a part in this,” left tackle Khalif Barnes said. “We all have things he could’ve done better. We have to learn how to play together. He’s done well for us. He needs to keep his head up and get back to work.”