Golden State Warriors


The Warriors believe the tougher-than-it-looked first-round series offered some lessons that will help them to deal with the unfamiliar bull's-eye.


NEW ORLEANS -– With a chance to dispatch a pesky opponent as quickly as possible and give their minds and bodies some rest, the Warriors balled up their collective determination Saturday and unleas


NEW ORLEANS -– When it was over, after the Warriors had swept the New Orleans Pelicans in their first-round playoff series on Saturday, Stephen Curry walked off the court with his arms raised, ackn


And so it ended, not with a thud or a thunderbolt, but with a long lingering drone of air from the Warriors’ final and most fluid performance in this abbreviated Western Conference quarterfinal.


The Warriors' convincing 109-98 win over the Pelicans on Saturday night gave Golden State their fifth playoff sweep of all time.