Griffin brothers connect Clippers, Warriors

Griffin brothers connect Clippers, Warriors

Griffin brothers connect Clippers, Warriors
January 5, 2013, 9:15 pm
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As with most cohesive siblings, Taylor and Blake Griffin were inspired by their parents.

“Seeing how my dad handles himself and my mom, two of the hardest working people I know,” Blake said.  “They’ve been strong influences on our lives.”

Decades later, the brothers Griffin, remain close.

“During the season, we probably get to talk once every one or two days,” Taylor said.  “We just keep up with my games or his games or practices… or just life.”

Blake is 23 now.  He’s already been an NBA rookie of the year, a two-time All Star, and Slam Dunk Champion.  But his role model remains a 26-year old power forward in the “D-League”… his brother Taylor of the Santa Cruz Warriors.

“I learned my work ethic from him,” Blake said.  “Watching him as he really started developing his game and putting in the time.  That’s where I got it from.”

Responded Taylor:  “I’m the big brother I’m supposed to be here for advice and encouragement.  At the same time it’s been cool seeing him mature over the last four years.”

The professional respect goes both ways.

“He’s an NBA caliber player, he’ll get another shot and he deserves it,” said Blake.  “Right now he’s just working, not complaining… just working and putting in the hours and going through the grind.”

Taylor is working hard to earn a second chance at the NBA, where he played 8 games for Phoenix in 2009.  Meanwhile, you might suspect he takes a lot of ownership in his younger brother’s accomplishments.

“Yeah and I do,” Taylor said.  “I know that the beatings on the driveway when he was little only drove him to be more towards what he’s become today.  He’s a super determined intense person when it comes to basketball and sports…so there’s no doubt that those beatings in the driveway kind of pushed him to another level.”

“Growing up I was always trying to keep up with him," Blake said. "He was 3 years older and I always wanted to do everything he was doing, be like him and do things he was.  So yeah, it definitely helps having someone there to push you and I would constantly lose to him in whatever we were doing so it just kind of drove that competitive spirit.”